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    The Next Frontier: Exploring the Brain!

  • Science Communication Forum
    Place:Lecture Hall of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
    Human brain is like the complicated small universe. However, so far, we still know little about it.

    Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Launched the Fulldome Movie Mysteries of the Great Lakes

  • The wonderful stories will take you across time and space to experience the spectacular landscape and ecological evolution of the world’s biggest lakes.

    The “KIWIS of Science • Much to Ponder and Relish” Exhibition Uncovered the Curtain in Our Museum

  • Why is it hard to peel fresh eggs? Why the pungency of peppers can be felt by hands while the sweet of fruits cannot? Why does a word look strange after you staring at it for a long time? Why do palms have no hair?...Science is everywhere in life, have you thought of scientific principles behind?

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Science Class is an interactive program.


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