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    SSTM Having the First Exhibition of ‘Strange Matter’ in Asia

  • Have you ever heard about the fact that even the sponge is a kind of ploy foam? Have you ever noticed that metal can have memory like human beings? Have you ever thought about glasses and magnets having forms other than solid? Have you ever been aware of the relationship between the sand and the computer? Have you ever wonder what do materialogy scientists research on every day?

    The Next Frontier: Exploring the Brain!

  • Science Communication Forum
    Place:Lecture Hall of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
    Human brain is like the complicated small universe. However, so far, we still know little about it.

    Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Launched the Fulldome Movie Mysteries of the Great Lakes

  • The wonderful stories will take you across time and space to experience the spectacular landscape and ecological evolution of the world’s biggest lakes.

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Science Class is an interactive program.


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