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Welcome to call the consulting phone (8621-68622000*6888). Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Management Co., Ltd. is responsible for the ticket marketing and gate sales of the visit tickets, movie tickets and the visit tickets for varied temporary exhibitions and providing group audience with visit and consultation service and etc.

The museum is closed on Monday (except the period during national holidays). Please keep your eyes on it. Please read Note for Ticket Purchase carefully before buying the ticket.


Tickets Price of SSTM

Tickets for Adults
RMB 60 /person
Tickets for Students
RMB 30 /person
Children taller than 1.3m and students of High-schools & Elementary schools need ID card for purchase.
Tickets for over 70 years olds
Tickets for Disabled
Tickets for soldiers on activity duty
Tickets for cadres retired with honors
Tickets for family members of martyr
Please show your related ID

Tickets for children below 1.3m
Must come with adults

For more information please turn to the Tourist Services Center.


Tickets Price of Science Theater

Position of Theaters
IMAX 3D Theater
IMAX Dome Theater
IWERKS 4D Theater
Space Theater

Full price for children.Infants not allowed


Shanghai Science & Technology Museum membership Card

Type of Card
Student Membership Card
For children under 18 years old.Little kids and elementary school students can apply directly.
High-school students please show your ID certification for application.
Adult Membership Card
For adults over 18 years old. Please show your ID or Passport for the application.
Family Membership Card
For two adults with one child under 18.


1、Booking time: 8:55-16:30 for ticket to visit SSTM.
     Closed: Every Monday (Except National holidays )

2、Before booking ticket, please check the rate sheet and the timetable of the film shows carefully.   Film ticket is not refundable half an hour before screening.

3、Please make sure you get the right tickets and changes before you leave the box office.

4、Only cash and credit card are accepted.
     If you pay by bank check, it needs 3 workdays to get the tickets.

5、For special-price coupons, relevant certificates are needed  (One certificate for one ticket).

6、Please observe the public order and line up to the tickets.

7、Please read carefully the informatin on the ticket so as not to miss its validity.

8、For tickets information, please call: 68542000  
                                                       Fax: 68543044
                                                 Website: www.sstm.org.cn

9、Hotlines for Complaints:
Tel: 8621 68543085.   Shanghai Science& Technology Museum
Tel: 8621 58736495.   Commodity Price Examination Institute of Shanghai 
                                     Pudong New District
Tel: 8621 68548071.   Shanghai Pudong New District Tourism Commission
Tel:12358.                   Shanghai Price Association