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Publish Time: 2009-05-20

The evening of May 15th witnessed the grand opening of 2009 National Science Week (Shanghai Science & Technology Festival) at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum with the participation of Mr. Yin Yicui, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Commission, and Mr. Shen Xiaoming, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government, who announced the opening of the festival.


Mr. Shou Ziqi, Director of Science and Technology Commission of the Shanghai Municipality, addressed the audience at the ceremony, where several awards were later conferred:

l          Shanghai Municipal Awards for Public Sciences was presented by Lu Fengmei, Deputy Director of Organization Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, and Chen Kehong, Secretary of CPC Committee of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality;

l          Shanghai Golden Proposal Awards for Employees with Excellent Advice on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction was presented by Chi Hong, Deputy Director of Development and Reform Commission of Shanghai Municipality, and Du Renwei, Vice Chairman of General Labor Union of Shanghai Municipality;

l          Shanghai Municipal Awards for Future Scientists was presented by Weng Tiehui, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal Government, and Zuo Huanchen, Permanent Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Director-general of Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation;

l          Shanghai Model Community for Science Education and Demonstration, Model School for Education on Science and Technologies, Science Education Base, Excellence in Science Promotion, Daily Science Ambassador, and Outstanding Family for Science Education were presented by Hu Wei, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Shanghai People’s Congress, and Zhou Hanmin, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Political Consultative Conference.


Qi Si, the mascot of the Science Festival, then made a charming appearance. A symbol of key to wisdom and inspiration, the lovely cartoon character will be present at each and every science program to be initiated in Shanghai in the coming week. The theme song, Because of You (lyrics by Chen Nianzu and music by Zuo Yijian), also made its debut at the opening.


As the priority of the science festival, a grand exhibition themed “Science· People ·City—Walking with the World Expo” will be open free to audiences from 16th to 22th at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, where, with an electronic tag called FRID, visitors may have the privilege to experience the special convenience brought about by the RFID e-ticket for the World Expo, and stay well informed about each and every exhibition taking place in the area. With Auto Museum in Jiading, Seismology Museum in Sheshan, Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhangjiang (Pudong), and other 24 science institutions scattering distantly apart all over Shanghai, one might wonder, is it possible to cover them all within a day? Well, “Walking with the World Expo” makes it happen, as for the first time the exhibition will be hosting all the essential collections from each museum together at once. While our children are enchanted by the science kingdom composed of “Baby Adventure Lounge”, “Children’s Museum” and “Juvenile Science Palace”, where they may partake in the DIY undertaking specially designed to uncover their science potentials, the adults may collect some of their own memories of the Old Shanghai as they roam through Railway Hall, Postal Lounge, Attire Workshop and Spectacles Parlor. If you are into the convenience and modernity that only science can bring in the future, you need to look no more: Maglev Center, Auto House and Integrated Circuit Station speak well for them all. Shanghai has been committed to mobilizing resources of all kinds to establish a diversified and specialized network for public science education, in which Shanghai Science and Technology Museum plays a leading role, specialized public science institutions constitute a key part and public science education facilities function as the supporting base. As an effort by the Shanghai government to encourage more citizens to visit the science facilities and learn more about science, the exhibition will serve as a propeller in developing the sciences and technologies in Shanghai and promoting the science conscience of all citizens.


From 16th to 22th, May, visitors may partake in the “Science Movie Show” and watch for free a number of high-quality Chinese movies like Stray Birds and The Magnificence of Light and Darkness on the Land of Antarctica produced by Shanghai Documentary Film Studio in the Vip –C area of basement 1. Audiences don’t have to register for tickets, but the hall is strictly restricted to host only 50 viewers each time. Visitors will also be offered free rides of two vehicles powered by clean energies, which will take them to Shanghai Pudong Exhibition Center to visit the 2009 Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition.