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Light of Exploration

Mankind had created a huge of scientific achievements in 20th century, which surpassed any ones in any era. These accomplishments deeply changed people’s ways of working and living, and also changed the conception of the world. This unprecedented change not only pushed forward the social development greatly, but also tremendously raised people’s standard of living.

Here is the yard where G. Mendel planted his peas. That’s the laboratory where Thomas Hunt Morgan studied his fruit fly experiment. Albert Einstein will give you the brief introduction of Relativity. If we say, “Light of Wisdom” reflects the human understanding of natural science of the 19th century, then “Light of Exploration” is the reflection of the brilliance of science of the 20th century. In this exhibition hall, we will show you some important scientific and technological achievements in 20th century like Quantum theory, Relativity, material structure, gene technology, nuclear energy, laser, etc.

 Have you been curious of it? Are you ready to carry out an exploration? “Light of Exploration” wishes your coming.

The area of “Light of Exploration” is 2,100M2

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